Predictable Pricing

We keep it simple with one account subscription for each branded business at one flat price. We don't charge fees per user. There are no ads and no advertising data trackers on the client booking pages.

Subscription Plans

30-day free trial - No credit card required. No contract. No activation fee. No obligation. Cancel or change your plan at any time.

Plan $/month Business Locations Staff Calendars Appointments Concurrent
Custom Fields
Essential $24 1 2 200/month 2 1
Pro 1 $36 1 10 1,000/month 10 3
Pro 2 $48 2 15 2,000/month 20 3
Pro 3 $60 3 20 3,000/month 50 3
Pro 5 $84 5 30 5,000/month 100 3
Pro 10 $140 10 50 unlimited 500 3
Pro 15 $195 15 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 20 $250 20 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 25 $305 25 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 30 $360 30 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 40 $480 40 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 50 $600 50 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Pro 60 $720 60 unlimited unlimited 500 3
Annual payment plans are available with a discount.

Text Messages Add-on

SMS templates can be set-up for client appointment confirmations and reminders, missed appointments (no shows), and for 'Thank You' text messages. Business users can also receive text message notifications for appointment confirmations and reminders.

Plan $/month Text Messages
SMS 100 $5 100
SMS 200 $10 200
SMS 300 $15 300
SMS 500 $25 500
SMS 750 $35 750
SMS 1000 $45 1,000
SMS 1500 $65 1,500
SMS 2000 $85 2,000
SMS 2500 $100 2,500
SMS 3000 $115 3,000
Over 3,000 SMS it's $15/500 additional SMS

Free Bundled Services for Managing Multiple Accounts

  • Accounts Manager — This app lets you manage all your accounts in one place. Login to any account with one click. Restart paused accounts with two clicks. Setup logins for your business users to access all of their accounts with one personal login.
  • Cross-accounts Linked Calendars — Service providers can be linked across accounts to fill time slots without double-booking (and no worries of time zones).
  • One-click copy settings to new accounts
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I set up separate accounts for each corporate client?

Each account you set up can have a customized landing page with different messages and logos, as well as customized email and text confirmations and reminder messages specific to that account. So if you provide services to multiple different large businesses or corporate clients we recommend you set up separate accounts for each one so each of your clients gets a customized booking experience. Plus with separate accounts each client’s appointment records are separate allowing you to track and report on multiple metrics.

Is the pricing per user?

No. Most apps charge for every user that you add to the system. Schedapple doesn't. Whether you have 5 or 500 users on your account, the total price is always the same. As your company grows, your Schedapple costs remain fixed, predictable, and affordable.

What's a location?

Locations are where your clients are during their appointments.

If client's come to you, then your office/store is a location. If you have multiple offices or stores, then each one is a separate location.

If you provide services to individuals or small businesses locally, at their homes or places of work, you can set up a geographic area as a location.

If you provide services to different companies at their offices by phone, web, or in-person, then each different office complex is a location.

For business with service providers that work across a region, a location is either each business location where your service providers have appointments with clients, or each service provider's territory, regardless of whether the appointments are by phone, web or in-person.

Each location can be set up with its own time zone.

What are concurrent appointments?

This is the number of simultaneous appointments on one calendar. For example, at a job fair, a company wants to have four job candidates scheduled for screening interviews at a time, so it sets up one calendar with four concurrent appointments. Four different candidates can now schedule appointments for the same time. On the calendar there will be four appointments displayed side-by-side in each time slot.

What happens if my account goes over the plan limits?

No worries, clients will continue to be able to book appointments and will get appointment text messages. Accounts will be automatically upgraded if they exceed the plan's maximum monthly appointments or text messages.

Why is there a usage cost for text messaging?

Mobile carriers allow free person to person messaging, but charge fees for delivering Application to Person (A2P) text messages such as appointment reminders sent by apps to your clients' mobile phones.