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Smart online appointment scheduling
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Fast client scheduling. Advanced appointment and client management. Powerful calendar. Customizable.

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What is it?

Schedapple is the powerful, fast web-based scheduling software for appointment booking, calendar management and client record keeping that lets you focus on your clients and service delivery.

Who is it for?

Medical offices scheduling patients. Bridal shops booking private appointments. Lawyers scheduling new clients. Corporations scheduling dozens of concurrent interviews at job fairs. Schedapple's flexible platform can work for your business.

Why use it?

We give you full control over your appointments. Keep notes on client preferences. Let clients schedule their own appointments—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Send automatic appointment reminder emails.
Schedapple is—bar none—the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable scheduling application available.
— Jeremiah D., Director of Technology Development, EOI Service Company

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Schedapple has made booking appointments a non-issue for us. In the past, we were fielding phone calls left and right and taking time away from clients in the store. Now that we have Schedapple, our number of appointments are up, and our clients are happier.

Schedapple's focus on speed, clarity, and ease of use make it truly unique. You'll love using Schedapple.

Your clients will schedule appointments with only a few clicks.
No registration or sign-in for clients.
Print your appointment schedules. Export appointments.
Create repeating appointments. Set work hours for each staff, including irregular schedules. 18-month advance scheduling.
Manage Clients. Keep client notes. Add custom fields.
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Free trial, no long-term contracts, pay-as-you-go.
Starts at only $20/month
Schedapple is web-based appointment management software that schedules clients fast, prepares you for your next client, & keeps your calendar organized.
Use your smart phone to access your calendar while on the go. Or, set you iPhone or Android calendar to automatically sync to your Schedapple appointments.
Schedapple has the features you need in appointment scheduling software:
Easy client self-service appointment scheduling
Support for businesses with multiple locations
Recurring weekly and date-specific work hours
Automatic appointment confirmation and reminder emails
Flexible platform that adapts to your business
Set the number of concurrent appointments that can scheduled in one time slot
Being on-time and organized when you're meeting a client makes a huge impression. So many phone calls, emails, notes, and follow-ups. Who is this person again? When did I see them last? Did they have a special request last time? Has anyone called them to confirm their appointment? Your calendar book doesn't do enough. Business management software tries to do too much. That's why we built Schedapple. It's the just-right, more thoughtful way to schedule client appointments and keep your calendar organized.

Your clients will love it too! People often don't remember to make an appointment until it's late at night or when it's early morning before leaving for work. Or they remember during the day, but prefer the privacy of online scheduling while at their office. Letting clients make an appointment online is convenient, private, fast and easy. Clients schedule an appointment with only a few clicks. They don't need to register, remember a password or sign-in.

What to look for in client appointment scheduling software.

Do you want specific times to see new clients? Schedapple allows that. Do you have date-specific work hours? That's easy to set in Schedapple. Do you want to customize the client appointment form and add custom fields or remove steps that don't apply to your business (e.g. location selection when you only have one location, or staff selection when not applicable)? Schedapple lets you do that. Do your services differ at different locations? That's not a problem with Schedapple. Do you want to be able to book concurrent appointments? Schedapple lets you decide the number of appointments that can scheduled in one time slot. Do you want to book repeating appointments?

Schedapple does all this and more. Like tools to help you keep notes on your clients, reschedule or cancel appointments, and run detailed reports. Automatic, customizable, email reminders are sent to clients to confirm their appointments, remind clients just before the appointment, or notify them of changes to the booking. Schedapple also automatically recognizes returning clients.
Schedapple has streamlined our chiropractic/massage office scheduling tremendously. We had used Appointment-plus scheduling program and Google Calendar prior to Schedapple. Schedapple is far easier to use for our staff and simple for our patients to schedule their appointments online. The email or text message 'link' to our staff whenever an appointment is made (whether online or from our receptionist in the office), is a HUGE benefit to our massage therapist who works by 'appointment only'. Plus, this system integrates easily with our iPhone and Android phones. There are TONS of other great features with Schedapple. I would strongly recommend Schedapple to any business owner who wants to streamline their scheduling procedures.
— Dr. Cheryl G., Owner, Arlington Chiropractor
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