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Appointment scheduling software that's streamlined to be fast and easy. Clients book appointments with only a few clicks — no registration, no sign-in, no password. The booking process is customized to your business, removing unnecessary steps. Because speed matters.

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Schedapple delivers experience and expertise in online appointment scheduling.





No log-ins needed for clients (it's faster!)

Log-ins create friction in the customer booking experience, resulting in fewer appointments. With Schedapple, clients don't need log-ins or passwords. It's fast, easy, and frictionless appointment scheduling.

Book 500 appointments for the same time

Say you're scheduling job fair interviews, bridal gown fittings, or employee benefits meetings and want to meet with 3 people (or 500) every 30 minutes. The concurrent appointments feature allows multiple appointments to be booked in each time slot, and on one calendar!

Non-recurring work hours

Does your business need to schedule appointments for an event on just a few dates? You can setup appointment times for specific dates and clients booking will automatically be taken to the first available date and time.

Custom fields

Add custom form fields to collect additional information from clients. Text fields, select lists, radio buttons, and checkbox fields can be added to your appointment scheduling page.

Custom web address

Clients will have an easy-to-remember web address for your appointment page.

Automatic emails and text messages

We make it easy for clients to get appointment reminders. You can customize the email text and add attachments. Business users can be notified every time a client schedules, reschedules or cancels an appointment.

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Why have hundreds of companies selected Schedapple?

Schedapple is—bar none—the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable scheduling application available.

Jeremiah D., Associate Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, EOI Service Company

Schedapple has made booking appointments a non-issue for us. In the past, we were fielding phone calls left and right and taking time away from clients in the store. Now that we have Schedapple, our number of appointments are up, and our clients are happier.

Sarah W., Owner, Bustle Bridal Gowns & Accessories

Schedapple has streamlined our chiropractic/massage office scheduling tremendously. We had used Appointment-plus scheduling program and Google Calendar prior to Schedapple. Schedapple is far easier to use for our staff and simple for our patients to schedule their appointments online. I strongly recommend Schedapple.

Dr. Cheryl G., Owner, Arlington Chiropractor

Speed Matters

Life can be complex. Booking appointments should be fast and easy. Get Schedapple and speed up your appointment scheduling.

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