Appointment Booking for Telephonic Employee Benefits Counseling

Fast, easy booking for employees

  • It's just a few clicks for employees to book one-to-one telephonic sessions with your benefits counselors — no registration, no sign-in, and no password required
  • No time-zone confusion — employees can book in their local time
  • No forgotten appointments — automatic text messages and emails are sent for appointment confirmations and reminders
  • A streamlined booking experience tailored to each company with company logo/branding and unnecessary steps removed
  • Easy-to-remember custom web address for employees to use for booking

Spend less time juggling calendars and more time delivering services

Managing multiple active accounts and calendars can be confusing and time consuming. With Schedapple you can view and manage all your benefits appointments for the day for all of your clients on one screen.

Our powerful calendars tool allows you to select which calendars to view from any account and you can even merge them together into a single master calendar. You'll know exactly when all of your appointments are at a glance.

Making it easy to work with multi-location accounts

Booking employee appointments for clients with multiple locations is straightforward with Schedapple. Our software lets you set up hundreds of locations, and cap the number of simultaneous appointments to fit your team.

Each location has it's own time zone, so employees book in their local time. Your staff can provide services across all locations at once, maximizing productivity without the risk of overbooking. And our calendars let you see all appointments for all locations in a single view with appointment times automatically adjusted to match your local time zone.

Optimized for multi-lingual benefits counseling

When providing counseling sessions in multiple languages, it's important to maximize both the available appointment times for clients in each language and your team's utilization.

For example, if you have a team of four with two bi-lingual (Spanish and English) and two English-only counselors, then you have the resources to offer a total of four appointments in each time slot — up to two Spanish appointments and up to four English appointments. Schedapple has the power and flexibility to manage this seamlessly, filling each time slot without overbooking your bi-lingual resources or underbooking your team.

Working across time zones is simple

Your clients' employees can book appointments in their local time zones while your staff view their schedules in their time zones, making it easy for everyone to stay on time for their appointments.

Access the data you need, when you need it, at the a click of a button

Powerful reports make it simple to get key metrics quickly. Generate detailed custom reports or use our library of standard summary reports.

Ideal for short-term client engagements

Client engagements for employee benefits enrollment often last for only a short time each year. Schedapple lets you create calendars for specific days. Employees booking appointments will automatically be shown the first available date and time, making it easy for them to book a benefits appointment several weeks in advance.

Don't need the account after open enrollment closes? No problem. With Schedapple there are no contracts. You can open and cancel an account at any time or just pause it, preserving your setup and all of the records, and reactivate it next time you need it. There are no cancellation or reactivation fees.