Scheduling software that lets you do more

Speed up your appointment scheduling — so you can say yes to more ideas, more customers, and more revenue.

Custom Branding

Add logos and set color themes for a customized look. The client appointment pages are white labeled, so your brand is the star.

Calendar Views

View calendars for different locations side by side. Day, week, month, and agenda views.

Multiple Locations

Coordinate work at multiple locations with separate or shared staff.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to collect additional information from clients.

Custom Web Address

Perfect for emails and printed materials like brochures, business cards and advertisements. Your clients will have an easy-to-remember web address for your appointment page.

Pause Your Account

Need to take a break from your Schedapple account? Pause it for a while! You can reactivate the account at any time. Your calendars and appointments will be right where you left them.

Concurrent Appointments

Holding a job fair, seminar or mass audition? Allow up to 500 different individuals to schedule appointments in a single time slot.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Send text messages and email appointment reminders.

Custom Appointment Confirmation Emails

Add custom messages and file attachments to the automatic emails sent to clients.

Work Hours by Date, Individual Staff and Location

Setup appointment times for specific dates, on a recurring weekly basis, or change your hours for a seasonal period.

Link Calendars Across Accounts

Perfect for call centers scheduling customer calls. When an appointment is made on one calendar, then the same time slot is automatically blocked out on the second calendar.

Calendar Syncing

Sync appointments from Schedapple to iPhone, Android, Mac, Outlook and Thunderbird.

Export, Email & Print

Export and email, or print appointment calendars and reports.


Schedapple is European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

Customizable Booking Form

Add staff photos, skip the staff selection step, require phone numbers and emails… your choice.