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Advanced Features

These features make scheduling clients and tracking appointments easy.

Automatic Appointment
Confirmation & Reminder E-mails

Recent studies found that missed appointments decreased by 35% with email reminders (better than phone calls)

18-month Advance Scheduling

Allow clients to schedule appointments up to 18 months in advance. Easily set up special work hours for holiday or summer seasons, or for an individual date.

Multiple Locations

Businesses with multiple locations can easily schedule and manage their appointments using Schedapple.

Appointments at Client Address

Create services to prompt clients for their address, accepting appointments only from addresses within a specific geographic region.

Phone Meeting Scheduling

Your clients can easily schedule phone meetings — even when you have multiple business locations.

Multiple Appointments/slot

Schedule up to 500 client appointments in each time slot.

Appointment Confirmation Messages

Rules-based messages can be set-up for all client appointment confirmation emails or limited by location, service, staff or appointment date.

No registration or sign-up for your clients

Your clients will love the fast appointment scheduling — and not having another password to remember.

Automatic Form Completion
for Returning Clients

Returning client email addresses are recognized and their contact information is automatically filled-out.

Maps & Directions to Your Business

Help new clients can find your location.

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Automatic text messages for you and your clients, helping reduce no shows.

Repeating Appointments

Daily, weekly and monthly recurring appointments

Client Opt-in E-mail List

Clients can opt-in to your mailing list when scheduling an appointment. Send special offers and let clients know about new services.

Block No-Show Clients
from scheduling future appointments

Smart Phones

Schedapple is optimized for smart phones so you can access your appointments and client data anywhere.

Flexible to fit your business

Schedapple automatically adjusts to fit your business model, so your clients can schedule appointments with only a few clicks.

Web-based Application. No Worries.

You don’t have to install or download any software. Simply go to your Schedapple website. It’s better, safer, and smarter than traditional software. No “computer guy” required.

Your own team of experts

We're always here to help with professional advice and support. We'll help you get the most from your new Schedapple account.

Secure Network Connections

Schedapple provides 256-bit secure SSL encryption web connections for businesses and their clients, and prevents non-SSL connections by automatically redirecting web browsers to a secure connection.

iCalendar Support

The appointment confirmation email supports iCalendar so your clients can add the appointment to their personal calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) with one click.

Calendar Syncing

Schedapple supports one-way calendar syncing. Appointments can be synced from Schedapple to applications supporting CalDAV calendar syncing. This includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android (via a syncing app), Apple iCal, and Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning.

Take a closer look at how these features work.