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What they're saying about Schedapple. . .
Appointments are up and our clients are happier
“Schedapple has made booking appointments a non-issue for us. In the past, we were fielding phone calls left and right and taking time away from clients in the store. Now that we have Schedapple, our number of appointments are up, and our clients are happier with the process.”
A scheduling solution that works for us
“Schedapple is—bar none—the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable scheduling application available.”
— Jeremiah D., Director of Technology Development, EOI Service Company
Far easier to use for our staff and simple for our patients
“Schedapple has streamlined our chiropractic/massage office scheduling tremendously. We had used Appointment-plus scheduling program and Google Calendar prior to Schedapple. Schedapple is far easier to use for our staff and simple for our patients to schedule their appointments online. The email or text message 'link' to our staff whenever an appointment is made (whether online or from our receptionist in the office), is a HUGE benefit to our massage therapist who works by 'appointment only'. Plus, this system integrates easily with our iPhone and Android phones. There are TONS of other great features with Schedapple. I would strongly recommend Schedapple to any business owner who wants to streamline their scheduling procedures.”
— Dr. Cheryl G., Owner, Arlington Chiropractor
I'm a great fan of Schedapple
“Schedapple has sort of given me my life back. You don't realize the amount of time you spend just setting up the meetings until you have something that can do that 'simple-dumb' work for you.”
— Jon Beaupre, Professor, California State University, Los Angeles
It's worth getting your scheduling under control
“Schedapple gets your scheduling under control, leaving you with the energy you need to give your clients the service they came in for.”
Online Appointment software that clients actually use
“Schedapple has done a great job of creating a clutter free and practical appointment scheduler with good reports and customer support.”
Very user-friendly
“Schedapple is a web based program which anyone can use. Easily access your schedule anywhere you have internet connection; even use your smart phone.”