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Great for a one-person business
  • Business Locations: 1
  • Staff Calendars: 2
  • Appointments: 200/month
  • Services: unlimited
  • Staff log-ins: unlimited

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* Annual payment on all plans is available with a discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pricing per user?

No. Most apps charge for every user that you add to the system. Schedapple doesn't. Whether you have 5 or 500 users on your account, the total price is always the same. As your company grows, your Schedapple costs remain fixed, predictable, and affordable.

What's a location?

Locations are where you meet clients for appointments, and can be set up either as the place where clients come to you or where you are when clients phone you, or as a geographic service area where you provide services at the client's address.

What happens if my account goes over the plan limits?

No worries, clients will continue to be able to book appointments and will get appointment text messages. Accounts on the Solo plan will be automatically upgraded if they exceed 200 appointments during a calendar month. Accounts exceeding their plan's text messages maximum during a calendar month will be automatically upgraded.

Why is there a usage cost for text messaging?

Mobile carriers allow free person to person messaging, but charge fees for delivering Application to Person (A2P) text messages such as appointment reminders sent by apps to your clients' mobile phones.