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Top questions about Schedapple
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What is Schedapple?
Schedapple provides online calendar and appointment scheduling services for businesses. We make it easy and convenient for your clients to schedule appointments 24 hours a day! Whether it's a new client scheduling an initial consultation or an existing client, they will love the convenience of scheduling appointments online.
I have some reservations about introducing online appointment booking. Will clients reek havoc on our calendar?
Far from people abusing it, we have found that empowering clients to book their own appointments has actually encouraged more responsible behavior. For example, clients can see how many appointment time slots are available and they are more likely to reserve a last-minute appointment.
The service opens up 24-hour appointment booking. This is a real bonus for working clients, and office workers have found the privacy of booking online very beneficial.
There are also significant benefits for the business. For example, reception queues are reduced and appointment booking online frees up more time for non-internet clients wishing to book over the phone. Plus, it's easier to stay organized with access to your calendar anytime, receiving email notifications of new appointments, and setting up complex schedules with ease.
How does online appointment scheduling work?
  1. The business owner sets up their services (including a description and duration time) and staff on Online set-up assistance helps walk you through your business information when you first log in to, making it easy.
  2. Get the word out to your clients, adding your online appointment web address (e.g. to business cards, appointment cards and print ads. If your business has a web site, then it's easy to add a 'Schedule Appointment' button for clients.
  3. Clients will go to your online appointment site from their home or work PC, Android, BlackBerry or iPhone. They select a service, staff member (only staff who provide the service will be listed) and appointment date/time.
  4. A confirmation email is sent to the client. They can also choose to receive an appointment reminder email. If the business owner has set up an email address for notifications of new appointments, then this email is also sent.
Do my clients need to register or log-in to schedule an appointment with my business?
No, we have kept things simple for your clients. Clients who book an appointment online don't have to log-in, create a password, register or give any personal information other than their name, and email address and telephone number in case you need to contact them. That's it. And, if they are a repeat customer our software will remember them based on their email address, helping returning clients quickly book another appointment.
Will Schedapple work for my type of business? What if my business only offers custom services?
Medical practices, beauty salons, hairdressers, spas, real estate sales, contractors, and health and fitness providers have increased business and customer loyalty with online appointment scheduling. You can too. Even business that offer only custom services will schedule initial consultations online to drive sales.
My business provides services at the clients location. Can Schedapple collect their address when scheduling their appointment?
Yes. Each service can be set up to be provided at your location or the client's location. The address fields for new appointments are hidden if the service is provided at your location.
How much does Schedapple cost?
We have a variety of plans for businesses, ranging from $19.95/month for individuals/partners with one location to $250 for businesses with up to 25 locations and unlimited staff. Please review our Pricing page for more details.
I've read about the costs for online reservation systems. Are there per-user fees? Are there any hidden costs with Schedapple?
Popular online reservation systems for restaurants like OpenTable charge fees of $199/month PLUS $1 per person in each reservation made online. We keep costs low ($15.95-$59.95/month) and have no additional fees.
What do I need to get started?
Set-up is easy with our set-up wizard to guide you through entering your business information when you first log in to You'll need a list of your services including a description and duration time, and staff list. That's it! Your site is ready for clients. To fine tune your site, you can later set cancellation policies, upload your logo, and add profiles of your business and staff.
Will my customer receive an appointment confirmation?
Yes, a confirmation email is sent to your client. They can also choose to receive an appointment reminder email and pick when to receive their reminder email.
Will Schedapple reduce the number of missed appointments?
A recent study found the no-show rate for 5,000 clients who received email reminders decreased by 35%! And, emails were preferred and more effective than reminder calls.
Missed appointments can really impact your profits, yet the cause is often simply that the client forgot. Schedapple lets your clients schedule their appointments online and pick when to receive their email appointment reminder. Your clients will appreciate the email reminders.
Do I need a computer and Internet service at work?
It depends on your business. If your clients frequently phone-in appointments then adding these appointments to your Schedapple calendar will prevent double booking by online clients. You can access your Schedapple calendar and add appointments using a smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre), so you don't need a PC to have your calendar at your fingertips.
How do I manage my online availability?
We made it easy to enter your work hours. You can set up three types of work hours — regular, seasonal and date-specific. Regular and seasonal are best used when your work hours are usually the same each week (recurring day-of-the-week hours). Seasonal hours replace your regular work hours for a period of time. For example, longer hours during your busy season. Date-specific work hours are used when your work hours aren't basically the same each week or when you need to add work hours to a specific date. If you have multiple staff members, then each person can log-in and add time-off blocks to their calendar. Your receptionist can also access everyone's calendar.
We don't have regular weekly work hours since our schedule at each location varies every month. How easy is it to set up irregular work hours and allow our clients to book their appointments?
Just go to the Work Hours settings, select a Service Provider/Schedule and Location from the drop-down lists, and you'll see the upcoming date-specific work hours. You can even have multiple work hour periods on one day. If these work periods are contiguous times, then they're treated as one long period to allow clients to schedule appointments over the entire period. Thus, you may set your regular work hours to none and add work hours to specific dates as needed.
My clients always reach me by phone. Will online appointment scheduling help my business?
More and more businesses are offering online appointment scheduling to their clients. Recent studies found that 70-80% of consumers would prefer to do appointment bookings online. As our lives get busier, people are looking to the Internet for time savings. With online appointments and email reminders your clients will appreciate, you and your staff will have more time to focus on your clients needs.
How will I be notified when someone schedules a new appointment?
New appointments will be added to your calendar immediately. You may also set an email address for notifications of new appointments.
How far in advance can my clients schedule appointments?
Clients can schedule appointments up to 18 months out (ideal for businesses where clients may only come in once or twice a year for routine checkups). Don't want to allow clients to schedule so far out? No problem. You can easily restrict advance appointment booking to the number months ahead that you want.
How do clients opt-in for special offer emails and how do I send promotional emails?
When your clients make an appointment online they may select a checkbox, choosing to receive promotional email offers from you. This feature is a great way to help you promote and grow your business. Using Schedapple business tools, you can then email these clients offers for new services, discounts, seasonal specials or simply a what's new message. You may also export your mailing list if you have a separate email program on your computer. Clients can opt-in or opt-out whenever they make an appointment. It's a great way to stay in touch and keep your clients coming back.
When clients phone me to make an appointment, do I need to ask for their email address so I can add the appointment to my Schedapple calendar?
No, the email address is only required when clients book their appointments online.
Instead of having the labels "Staff Member:" and "Please select a staff member" on the client appointment site, can we have it say "Personal Bridal Consultant:" and "Please select a Personal Bridal Consultant"?
Yes, we can customize the staff label on the client appointment page for your business.
How can my clients schedule phone meetings without guessing which office I'm at that day?
We've made this easy for your clients. When your business has multiple locations and has services marked as Telephone Meetings, then customers scheduling their appointments online will see Telephone Meeting listed as a location choice. Available time slots across all locations with this service will be included for the client to choose and the appointment will automatically be scheduled on the correct calendar location.
Can I add client instructions to the appointment confirmation and reminder?
Yes, Special Messages are automatically included on the appointment confirmations and reminders. A message can be set-up for all client appointments or limited to specific locations, services, staff or appointment dates.

For example, a business may instruct clients who selected a particular service to not eat for 12 hours before their appointment, or a business may provide a room number for their appointment with a particular staff and location.
I've seen online scheduling services that display ads on their appointment scheduling page, but I don't want my clients to see ads from my competitors. Is Schedapple ad-free?
Yes, Schedapple is ad-free.
How does calendar syncing work?
Schedapple supports one-way calendar syncing. Appointments can be synced from Schedapple to applications supporting CalDAV calendar syncing. This includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android (via a syncing app), Apple iCal, Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning and eM Client. One month of past appointments and all future appointments are synced.
Can I block 'no show' clients from scheduling appointments?
Yes, whenever you change an appointment's status to 'no show', you can add their email to the blocked no-show client list, blocking this client from scheduling future appointments. You can also easily remove clients from the blocked list.
How do I block off time for lunch and other repeating appointments?
Repeating appointments and personal calendar events are easy to create and manage. Please see the features for a screenshot. Daily, weekly and monthly recurring appointments are supported.
What reports does Schedapple provide and how will they help my business?
Schedapple has 8 core reports and a dashboard. You could easily see at a glance sales trends, under-performing staff, and your best customers. Quantitative reports will help you make good business decisions.
Do you support any other languages?
This feature is coming soon.
How does the 30-day free trial work?
If you cancel within 30 days of signing up or allow your trial account to expire, then you won't be charged a thing. If you do choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds can not be issued and we don't prorate for partial months.
Can I change plans at any time?
Yes. Simply click on the My Account menu on your dashboard and click Change Your Service Plan.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. Schedapple is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.
What types of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and bank account debit. We do not accept PayPal. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.
How do I contact Schedapple with other questions?
If you're still stumped, then drop us a line using our Contact Us web form or send an email to
For billing questions, please email
For press inquiries, please email